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Endeavour Schools Trust Welcome

Welcome to the website for Endeavour Schools Trust. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us.

We are a small Trust of First schools, and hope to expand to at least five schools in the next two years. As our Trust looks to grow, we are excited to embrace new partners into our family, who share the same passion and drive for excellence whilst growing together and learning from each other.

We believe the success of our trust lies in the strong relationships we have forged both within and across the Trust and with our wide range of external partners. We work personally and collaboratively with all of our stakeholders and therefore plan for the Trust to be a manageable number of schools within a geographic range that supports partnership working. 

Our vision for Endeavour schools is that all members of our community will be "inspired to excel."  And in all that we do, we strive to create the conditions for this to be the case. 

Our Children

Our schools are fully inclusive, and we welcome all children into our settings. Because of the unique identities of our schools, we have the experience to support our varied learners. By embracing learners from all backgrounds, our schools are enriched culturally and staff expertise is further developed, making Endeavour Schools great places for our children to learn. 

Our Parents

Parents are their children’s first teachers and as such are valued partners in the education of their children. We actively encourage parents to share their knowledge of their children with us. Our schools run an open door policy encouraging parents to work in partnership with the schools. We provide workshops within our schools to support parents in helping their children succeed. Our schools send home newsletters to keep parents informed and parents meetings are held regularly.

Our Schools

One of the key principles of our Trust is to provide an environment where staff across all settings and roles are given the best possible experience to thrive and develop professionally. We call this "grow your own" and "grow to go."

Schools within the trust work closely together, share professional development and best practice. We have a dedicated school improvement strategy that underpins this work and schools within the trust receive support on a differentiated basis as defined in our school improvement support offer. 

We work with our local middle schools to minimise the impact of major changes that all children experience during transition that can negatively impact on their learning and have undertaken peer review programmes with thyme which have proven to be valuable in shaping KS2 curriculum particularly.  

We also work collaboratively with a number of other Trusts within (and beyond) Worcestershire, and provide support for school to school work and for the delivery of NPQ and ECT training.

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